Pink flower of the Rosa acicularis ssp. sayi, or prickly rose
Posted by Lee Petersen | July 8, 2023
Prickly rose – Rosa acicularis

The prickly rose (Rosa acicularis) is a showy, pink flowering plant ubiquitous through much of the northern hemisphere including Alaska. Rose hips are frequently used to make jelly and the...

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The view from Wickersham Dome in the White Mountain National Recreation Area near Fairbanks, Alaska. Seemingly endless green hills and a bit of the Elliott Highway winding around them.
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 29, 2023
Wickersham Hike and Early Season Wildflowers

Wildflower and landscape photos from a spring hike on Wickersham Dome in the White Mountain National Recreation Area.

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A bumblebee pollinating a female willow catkin in Fairbanks, Alaska
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 14, 2023
Spring’s Early Bloomers: A Close-Up Look at Willow Catkins in Alaska’s Taiga

Explore the mysterious world of Alaskan willow catkins through the lens of macro photography. Learn about their ecological significance and the joys of springtime wildlife observation. Dive into the unique...

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Little yellow rattle –
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 12, 2023
Little yellow rattle – Rhinanthus minor

Rhinanthus minor, commonly known as Little Yellow Rattle is a yellow-flowering, hemiparasitic, plant with distribution across various habitats, and its nuanced role in our ecosystems. Common across Alaska and much...

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The pink flowers of the liverleaf wintergreen plant
Posted by Lee Petersen | September 18, 2022
Liverleaf Wintergreen – Pyrola asarifolia

The liverleaf wintergreen is a 10-20 cm tall plant with a raceme of pink, nodding flowers. It typically lives in forests or alpine meadows in moist soil.

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Common yarrow flower in Fairbanks, Alaska
Posted by Lee Petersen | August 26, 2020
Common Yarrow – Achillea millefolium

Common yarrow is a tall, weedy plant with a dense cluster of small, white flowers at the head. It may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and has traditionally been used...

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Alpine sweetvetch – Hedysarum alpinum
Posted by Lee Petersen | August 11, 2020
Alpine sweetvetch – Hedysarum alpinum

Alpine sweetvetch, often known as wild potato or eskimo potato is a perennial herb with many small pink flowers on a raceme. The root is edible, but seed contains L-canavanine,...

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dwarf dogwood flowering plant in Fairbanks, Alaska
Posted by Lee Petersen | August 8, 2020
Dwarf Dogwood – Cornus canadensis

Dwarf dogwood is a flowering subshrub with 4 white or cream-colored bracts instead of petals and a small white or purple inflorescence. A cluster of red berries form in the...

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Arctic Lupine – Lupinus arcticus
Posted by Lee Petersen | August 4, 2020
Arctic Lupine – Lupinus arcticus

The arctic lupine is a purple-flowering, herbaceous plant with a raceme of pea-like flowers. It contains a neurotoxin, sparteine, thought to deter snowshoe hares.

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Twinflower in Denali National Park
Posted by Lee Petersen | July 23, 2020
Twinflower – Linnaea borealis

Twinflower is a creeping subshrub with a two nodding, bell-like flowers on a Y-stem. It was named after the "father of modern taxonomy", Carl Linnaeus.

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