The yellow-petaled flowers of the snow buttercup (Ranunculus nivalis) in Denali National Park in Alaska.
Posted by Lee Petersen | December 1, 2023
Snow Buttercup – Ranunculus nivalis

Ranunculus nivalis, known as the Snow Buttercup, flourishes in cold, alpine regions from Canada to Siberia. Its vibrant yellow petals brighten scree slopes and snowbed edges.

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anemone parviflora commonly known as the smallflowered anemone or northern anemone
Posted by Lee Petersen | June 14, 2023
Smallflowered anemone – Anemone parviflora

Anemone parviflora commonly known as the smallflowered anemone, windflower, or northern anemone is a white flowering plant very similar to the narcissus-flowered anemone. It's found in Alaska, throughout Canada, and...

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