Castner Ice Cave
Posted by Lee Petersen | March 20, 2020
Castner Ice Cave

Cat inspects a columnar ice crystal that had fallen from the ceiling Yesterday, in an effort to avoid people amidst a growing outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Fairbanks, Cat and...

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Castner Glacier – Hiking Guide
Posted by Lee Petersen | March 6, 2020
Castner Glacier Hiking Guide

A casual back-country day hike to a large glacier, or start of a mountaineering adventure, the Castner Glacier offers great hikes and views of ice caves.

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Icefall over the Castner Glacier
Posted by Lee Petersen | January 29, 2020
O’Brien Icefall

Looking over the rock-covered surface of the Castner Glacier in the Eastern Alaska Range. This was easily one of the warmest days I ever spent on the ice.

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Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range
Posted by Lee Petersen | September 5, 2015
Castner Glacier for the 4th of July

I spent the 4th of July weekend hiking in solitude on the Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range. Looking up Castner Creek in the Delta Range I walked up the...

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