Northern lights reflecting off of overflow on the Chena River
Posted by Lee Petersen | February 14, 2020
Aurora Overflow

Aurora over the frozen Chena River Buy This Print I took this photo along the Angel Rocks trail in the Chena River State Recreation Area. Here the aurora borealis is...

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Night Sky over the Chena River along the Angel Rocks Trail.
Posted by Lee Petersen | March 27, 2019
Photo of the Week – “Night Sky over the Chena”

On March 20th there was a coronal mass ejection resulting from a solar flare. It was thought that it was partially earth-directed and that it may result in a G2...

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Aurora at Angel Rocks
Posted by Lee Petersen | February 2, 2017
Yikes . . . Has it really been this long?! Spring in Alaska

It sure doesn't feel like it, but it's been over a year since I've published a blog-post. I've still been writing, editing, and updating, but not publishing new things. I've...

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Gorgeous golden light on the tors and surrounding hills at Angel Rocks
Posted by Lee Petersen | March 17, 2015
Winter at Angel Rocks

I wanted to share some photos from a dayhike Jenn and I took this winter at Angel Rocks. I've hiked Angel Rocks in early spring, summer, and fall, and walked...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | November 23, 2014
Photo of the Week – “Aurora Breaks the Horizon”

"Aurora Breaks the Horizon" - Saturday November 21, 2014 See it in the gallery | Buy a print This wasn't the best aurora on Saturday night by far, but I...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | May 5, 2014
On the verge of green at Angel Rocks

Over the weekend the birch trees greened up here in Fairbanks, a bit early this year. It probably helps that we've had a few days in the 70's already. The...

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