Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Updated 3/30/2020 to reflect new Capture Clip – The old legacy review is below

The new Peak Design Capture camera clip

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Get it now at Peak Design

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The Peak Design Capture is a camera clip for backpacks that keeps your camera out of the way and securely on your pack strap or belt. It keeps the camera from bouncing around or weighing down your neck and is still easy to access. These clips have truly been a game-changer for me while hiking.

Sleeker and more stylish than versions one and two. Lighter weight and smaller than the original, but still all-metal. It’s capable of holding over 200 lbs. (90 kg), are you? I upgraded to this clip about 2 years ago, and I can say it is much better than the previous version.

Its lower profile and lower weight make it nearly imperceptible on my pack strap. The release button is easier to use than earlier models and doesn’t seem to catch as much (although that might be because I’m remembering my old model after 6 years of use.

The author wearing the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip on a backpack strap while hiking in the Alaska Range

The only drawback I’ve seen over the older model is that the narrower profile makes it more difficult to get on larger pack straps. I can just barely get it on my 85-liter Osprey Aether backpacking pack, and it does squeeze the strap material a bit. While it’s definitely more difficult to get it on my bigger packs, once it’s on, it works great!

The standard version of the Capture Clip comes with an ARCA-type plate, so you can mount your camera on any ARCA-style tripod without having to change out the plate.

When I’m hiking in the Alaska backcountry, especially when I’m alone, I often carry a handgun for bear protection (secondary to bear spray) on a chest holster. The Capture camera clip does not interfere with this setup at all.

Peak Design also offers a Manfrotto-style Dual Plate that can be purchased separately, and you can buy the Capture Pro Clip Only.

The clips make it easy to attach Peak Design Camera Slide straps (review to come) to the clip itself, which helps make for a much more comfortable strap carry as well.

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Get the Capture Camera Clip now at Peak Design

Peak Design CapturePro Camera Clip (Legacy Review)


As an avid hiker and photographer, the Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip (still available on Amazon) is one item I cannot live without. I’ve tried so many different ways of carrying a camera with a large backpack, and this was by far the easiest.

I’ve been using the first version of this for about 5 years now, and it shows some serious signs of wear and tear, but it’s still going strong. Only this year has the release been feeling a little stiffer than when I got it, but I think I’ll get a few more years before I need to replace it with the newer version.

Scuffed after 5 years hiking, skiing, snowshoeing in the backcountry. Works almost as well as it did when I bought it.

Its all-metal components ensure that it lasts. It’s almost unnoticeable when on the backpack strap, although I remember getting a bit of a bruise on my arm or chest the first couple of times I used it. It keeps the camera incredibly stable, with no swinging around, stiff neck, or clanging. It releases easily with the push of a button, and the audible “click” into place lets you know it’s secure.

It uses a standard ARCA plate which is a fairly common tripod mount. Although, if you already have a tripod with a separate mounting plate, you’ll have to switch it out to use the clip.

Original Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip on Amazon

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