My focus in photography is mainly landscape and wildlife. I spend quite a bit of time hiking in the backcountry of Alaska to find gorgeous sights that few people ever see. It’s as rich and rewarding to hear others remark on the beauty of these places as it is for me to be there. Sharing these sights is incredibly motivating. I hope to continue exploring, sharing, and writing about these remarkable places and animals for years to come.

I strive to keep images true, with minimal post-processing. I use slight color correction or white balance, contrast, cropping, and exposure adjustments to shadows and highlights. I do not use image stacking or HDR processing techniques. I likewise do not add or remove elements from my photos (the only exception being sensor dust spots). The largest area of artistic license I take is in white balance, making a photo warmer or colder. It’s difficult to remember after-the-fact what exactly the color balance of a scene was, and there may be emotional or physical influences that appear in the final image.

Most images are for sale in multiple formats and sizes.

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