Winter at Angel Rocks

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I wanted to share some photos from a dayhike Jenn and I took this winter at Angel Rocks. I’ve hiked Angel Rocks in early spring, summer, and fall, and walked out one dark night to shoot aurora, but I had yet to be there in winter when the light is often dream-like.

We arrived at the trailhead around 2:30 pm, a little more than 2 hours from sunset. It was around -15° F with a good breeze blowing. The air bit the skin a little. The trail was well packed at the start. Golden light was already starting to take over the hills.

Driftwood on the West Fork of the Chena River near Angel Rocks.

Viewing the Granite Tors from the boardwalk at the start of the hill.

Fighting the cold wind, but enjoying the view.

We didn’t stick around up top for long. The wind was really tearing through the uppermost tors making the tiny bit of exposed skin on my face burn. We just enjoyed the view for a few minutes before making our way back down, packing up the car, and driving the remainder of the road to the hot springs.

Slow sunset at Angel Rocks.

Slow sunset

Evening light on the hills at Angel Rocks

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