Willow Macros – Getting Closer

A male willow catkins with red anthers on white filaments, starting to open to reveal pollen
A male willow catkins with red anthers on white filaments, starting to open to reveal pollen | Prints and Wall Art

Last May, I devoted considerable time to photographing the willow catkins blooming along our road in Fairbanks, Alaska. As some of the first flora to bloom in the Alaska Interior, these catkins are crucial for providing early-season nourishment to insects and bees.

I’ve already written extensively on these catkins, so I mostly want to share some of the new images from this spring. If you are interested in learning more about the photographic process or the catkins themselves, check out my page: Spring’s Early Bloomers: A Close-Up Look at Willow Catkins in Alaska’s Taiga.

Here is a selection of a few of my favorite images from this spring so far. Many of these photographs, along with others, are featured in my ‘Wildflowers as Art‘ Gallery. There, you can find a variety of sizes and mediums available for purchase as prints and wall art.

The styles and sticky stigmas of the female willow catkin | Prints and Wall Art
Male willow catkin with red anthers | Prints and Wall Art
Explosion of pollen | Prints and Wall Art
Red stigmas on a female catkin | Prints and Wall Art

As the seasons change, so does Alaska’s landscape, offering endlessly fascinating subjects for my photography. Photographing the delicate details of willow catkins and other flowers always deepens my appreciation for nature’s subtle beauty. I hope these images inspire you to look closer at the natural world around you. Feel free to reach out with comments or questions or to share how these glimpses into early spring have touched your own experience of nature.

Bonus: leaf bud on a birch branch

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