Oops, we went to Denali again

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It’s getting harder to stay away because the park is so incredibly awesome. Of course, September is here which means its full on fall foliage season for most of the interior of Alaska. Some places we’ve been to are already past peak. Luckily the park encompasses a lot of different climate zones, so you don’t have to go far to find the fall colors.

These shots are from the start of the Park Road near the park entrance. The valleys are filled with yellow and orange.

We drove into the park to the Savage River, stopping a few times along the way once the landscape became red.

A walk (and a nap) along the Savage river proved to be a relaxing way to spend the early afternoon. The river is gorgeous, the walking is easy, and the landscape is breathtaking. I could easily just take my time and just walk forever here.

The only wildlife I saw was two moose. I was way too far away to get any good shots of the big guy, but he makes a pretty good dot in the yellow and red textures.

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Again, there are more photos in the gallery here, check it out! Classwork and teaching are starting to take over again and soon winter will be here. At least it’s aurora season!

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