Beautiful weather in Fairbanks, overcast and rainy in Denali NP

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On Monday we drove some friends of a friend down to Denali National Park where they will be staying for a week. We left perfect weather in Fairbanks mid-morning and drove south, taking a brief stopover in Nenana to stretch and have a look around. We visited St. Marks Mission, an old log church here near the confluence of the Nenana and Tanana rivers. The weather was still perfect.

The weather began to turn after a short time back on the road. About twenty miles north of the park the Sun disappeared completely and we saw dark clouds to the south. It rained the entire time we were in there, but it wasn’t bad. I can’t imagine a bad day here.


We had a couple of hours before we needed to head home so Kate and I continued into the park toward the Savage River. Not far from the turn-around there were a few cars pulled off the road watching a bull moose. There was a cow and calf nearby, but we could only see their ears pop out above the brush every once in a while. The bull was tall!

Down by the river we stumbled on a hare. I barely noticed it, but then went on a mission to get a picture of it. Unfortunately, snowshoe hares do not really just hang around and let you take pictures of them. As I went fumbling through the brush to get a good vantage away I found some really old beer cans.



This place is very pretty, even in the rain.

There were lots of lupines and other flowers in bloom in the park. It was a pretty nice visit, even if it was for only a few hours.

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