The Trip, (continued) Day 6

Fort Nelson, British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

088Enter the Canadian Rockies. It’s a lot like the U.S. Rockies without the people and places. In other words, they are very nice. Today starts a stretch of trees and mountains like I have never seen. We can drive for hours at 70 mph without seeing any signs of civilization other than the road we are on.

Imagine driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, only when you get out of the National Park, instead of hitting towns and ski resorts completely surrounding it, you simply find more mountains and trees. We only see another car about every 10 minutes or so. Every few hundred miles there is a gas station/lodge. We even find an airport here!

I guess you can land pretty much anywhere you find a windsock.

The first real wildlife we saw today was Caribou. There was a family of three up on one of the passes. They didn’t care too much that we were there. Next we ran into (I think) three buffalo herds.


otisOtis also watched the Buffalo. But, I do not think that he liked them.

Then all of a sudden, welcome to the Yukon and the whole landscape changes again. This is kind of a Wyoming or Utah meets the Lord of the Rings and Antarctica. We stayed in Whitehorse which is the capitol city. It’s kind of a neat town; I definitely want to explore this area (the whole Yukon Territory) a sometime in the near future.


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