The Horror

Last week Thursday I felt a little ill. Nothing horrible, I was a little weak and sniffly. Friday morning I felt the same, but went to work anyway. I started feeling a little worse so I skipped my last class and just sat at my desk and kind of stared at a little spot on my wall. My body started to stiffen up and hurt. I did not like it.

Kate picked me up at 5 and we went home. I fell down on the couch, curled up into a ball and went to sleep. And I didn’t get back up again until late Sunday morning. I was in pain the whole time, my body aching something fierce. It kind of felt the way I did after and ABS style comp where you spend a day climbing on hundreds of new boulder problems until motion is no longer an option. It was just like that, without all the fun climbing. Oh yeah, it was mostly terrible.

Of course this meant that my weekend was ruined and no classwork or prep work was done for my labs last week. No, that’s how I spent Monday through Thursday. Math Physics homework due Tuesday, E&M due Wednesday, labs Tuesday night 7-10 and Thursday afternoon. All week dealing with recovery and a hacking cough that doesn’t want to go away and work and more work and then, oh yeah, Quantum midterm on Friday. What an awful little more than a week. It left Alex feeling like he wanted to be a fireman/squid fisherman. I haven’t decided what my alternative is yet.

I did manage through all of this to get my one picture a day, so I’m still on the way to getting my 365 day set. The aurora has been unbelievable the last few nights, so I’ll keep posting new pictures as I get to them. It is spring break now. I’m going out to play.


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