A stand of spruce trees at sunset on Murphy Dome

I think 2012 was the first year I photographed this little stand of spruce trees on Murphy Dome. I have kept returning to this spot over the years that I’ve lived in Fairbanks. The photo above was taken on March 17, 2019, the most recent photo I have taken of these trees. For at least the last seven years the stand of spruce has looked pretty much the same. I’m not entirely sure why this one little tree cluster has become such a focus to me. It’s one of the first places I go whenever I find myself at Murphy Dome. I think it’s because they’ve always stood so alone, so tall and straight out on the tundra. They looked a bit ragged this year. Wind seems to have taken its toll on a few of them. There wasn’t much snow this year, and much of the top of Murphy Dome was snow-free. It takes things so long to grow up here, this weathering of these trees will last for a long time. Probably my lifetime at least. They’ll maybe never look so proud as they have over the years. But, I’ll keep going back.

Aurora borealis and a meteor – February 2016
Stand of spruce trees on Murphy Dome in fall foliage - early September
September 2015
July 2012
Jupiter and Venus shining bright after sunset as twilight takes over - March 2012
Jupiter and Venus shining bright after sunset as twilight takes over – March 2012
Night falls on Murphy Dome outside Fairbanks, Alaska just a few days before the conjuction of Jupiter and Venus (right of the trees). The next conjunction of these two planets will occur August 18, 2014 - just as it's getting dark enough to see them from the Alaska Interior! (Photo - March 2012)
Jupiter and Venus over stand of spruce on Murphy Dome – March 2012

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