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This little guy came to our suet feeder tonight for a few minutes. He’s a northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus yukonensis). It was a cute little thing with huge eyes. I’ve never seen one that looked quite like this, and definitely not this close.

Earlier in the day we saw a snowshoe hare, but it was much too fast and camouflaged to get a picture.

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Make sure you kill it before it gets into your house! Trust me you don’t want those damn things, or you will never sleep again. We have been dealing with them for over 2 months now. Not to mention bats and mice. Not fun, cute yes. Cuter dead. 🙂 CJ

They can’t get into our house. There’s nowhere for them to go, the benefits of the cabin. Plus in Alaska they move on average 5 times a year for nesting and food and never stay in the same place for long. Welcome to Alaska; animals are different, people are differenter.

Lee…. a few summers ago we had them in our attic! Using a have-a-heart trap we relocated over 20 to areas 10 miles from here. They were cute but not too cute after we saw all the damage they did! :>) Dottie

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