New Season of Aurora Borealis – September 1, 2021

New Season of Aurora Borealis – September 1, 2021
The first northern lights for me this season – Photo of the Week ending 9/5/2021 | Purchase Print

August was a really rainy month in Fairbanks. It starts getting dark enough to see the northern lights between mid-late August, but it really doesn’t matter if the sky is always cloudy. Finally, on September 1, 2021, the clouds cleared and the sky lit up!

The display was very short-lived, but it was very energetic for that short time. While it was really nice to get to watch the aurora in warmer weather, the dewpoint and humidity level made it really difficult to take photos. It was nearly 100% humidity and water was constantly condensing on the lens. Wiping off the lens only kept it clear for about 10 seconds before it was completely coated again. It made for some pretty hazy photos. But, still pretty; I can’t complain too much.

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More photos from the evening here: 2021-09-01


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