Ice Amphitheater – Photo of the Week

Ice Amphitheater – Photo of the Week
Ice amphitheater – Photo of the week ending August 28, 2021. A tall room in a glacier cave in the Canwell Glacier moraine – Eastern Alaska Range | Purchase Print
CameraNikon D850 [Rent it from Lens Rentals][Buy it on Amazon]
LensRokinon 14mm f/2.8 for Nikon (Focus Confirm) [Rent it from Lens Rentals][Buy it on Amazon]
Focal Length14 mm
Exposure Time2s

This was easily one of the prettiest glacier caves that I have ever seen. I wrote about my earlier visit to this spot at the Canwell Glacier a couple of weeks ago in Glacier Ice Ice Baby. I returned a week later with Cat to share the experience. Once again, it did not disappoint. At a location of a bend in the tunnel, the cave opens up into a big ice amphitheater, a giant room of blue, sparkling ice and a crystal-like floor.

Visiting a little later in the day, there wasn’t quite as much light filtering in as my previous visit, but there was less water dripping off the ceiling. On the earlier trip, it was actually quite difficult to keep water off the lens, especially while running long exposures with the tripod. With less sunlight, there was less light at the cave entrance to saturate the photos, so I was able to run longer exposures than I could the week before.

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More photos from this day here: 2021-08-28

A lot more photos from the previous trip: 2021-08-22

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