Hello World – Vlog Edition

That’s right! I’m joining every other man, woman, child, and their mothers in starting a video blog. My plan is for it to mostly be about photography, hiking, backpacking, outdoor adventuring with camera gear, the aurora borealis, atmospheric optics, interesting geology, and more! I work really hard at not making clickbaity content, and I will keep that philosophy here. So if you’re looking for “The 7 Bestest Hikes In Alaska, Number 5 Will Amaze You!!!” or this “One Simple Trick Camera Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know”, then just move along.

My goals for the vlog are the same as my goals for this website, show you pretty things and provide quality information. That’s all. As I mention in the video, I’m big into Leave No Trace ideals, so they will probably have a pretty big role to play in many of my videos. If you’re also into hiking and photography, I urge you to join Nature First, a non-profit organization dedicated to responsible nature photography.

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