Yesterday (January 9th 2011) started on the previous day. Like I said in the previous post, I went outside to plug the car in at 2 am and had to rush back into the house, grab the camera and run down to the end of the street to shoot the aurora. It was really pretty despite not being nearly as bright as it gets. It was just very dynamic. I took a few still pictures too:

Green Night
Looking east at the end of our road.

This one is looking north. The auroral oval runs northeast of Fairbanks, so when it’s only moderately active we can see it better at the end of our road.

Across the Sky
This was the view from the front of our house.

At 3 am I got tired and went to sleep. Woke up at about 6:45, dropped Kate off at work and went to campus. It was really clear out and I’ve been wanting to take pictures of Venus, so I drove up Ester Dome.

Venus Alaska Range
Venus and the eastern Alaska Range, about two hours before sunrise.

Fairbanks Sunrise
Fairbanks, Alaska! With weather like this I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to snap some shots of the city. I will definitely be posting more of these on flickr soon.

As I was packing up the camera I saw the outline of Denali forming in the distance, sighed, looked at the time and decided to hang around for another hour or so to try to get some decent photos. Of course, about 10 minutes later a moose shows up. She was so stealthy. All of a sudden she was there, hung out behind this bush for about a minute and then disappeared as quickly and quietly as she appeared.

Moose on Ester Dome
I’m happy she had no interest in me. Seriously big animals. This must be the fifteenth I’ve seen in a week.

Bathed in Morning Sun
Denali and Foraker. It is stupid how pretty this place is. I can’t get over it.

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