When is the sleep going to happen?

Quarter til Midnight

Looks like we just had another gorgeous sunset right? Nope, took this at just 15 minutes before midnight last night.

I’m not sure if it’s the amount of work that I’ve had to finish this week as the semester winds down, or if it’s because when I walked out the back (north) door of the Reichardt building at 11:45pm the sky was still orange and red, but sleep is getting not happening as good.

Yup, finished grading at 2am, fell asleep a little later, woke up at 6:30am with the Sun shining in the bedroom window. In a few days we pass into a time when the darkest we get is nautical twilight, which happens when the Sun is less than 12° below the horizon.

At 15 hours and 50 minutes of daylight per day and counting, we are almost back to where we started when we arrived in Fairbanks August 17th of last year. I don’t think we noticed as much then. It’s pretty exhausting driving 4600 miles in a week, and when you’re losing almost 7 minutes a day the darkness slips in fast. Turns out that the through some beautiful symmetry and nice periodic motion the light slips in just as fast this time of the year.


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