The Warmer, Wetter Side of Alaska

I spent the day trying to get a little more caught up on work and helping students do make-up labs. Quite boring. So, I thought I’d just share a few pictures I took last night when the light was fantastic.

We’ve had some rain the last few days. In Fairbanks, with rain comes rainbows.

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Rainbow on our Street

With the first rains of the season came the first rainbows of the season. When we first arrived in Fairbanks last summer there were rainbows like 3-4 days a week. Now I have a camera to capture them with! This one was over our street!

Color Valley

Awesome light and little rainbow; Fairbanks, Alaska. Gorgeous valleys anywhere you look.

Dark, Light, Rain

Light shines through a rainstorm in between Ester Dome and Murphy Dome in the evening (I’m standing on Ester Dome here).

Verticle Symmetry

Evening light on a small pond near Smith Lake in Fairbanks, Alaska. I love how the darker reflection came out deeper blue because it was dimmer and basically amounted to having a lower exposure on the reflection side. Almost no editing was needed on this one!

Smith Lake Thaw

The shore of Smith Lake beginning to thaw with the Sun shining bright on the other side.

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