The Days are Getting Longer

Morning in Fairbanks

The nice thing is that we are now waking up to the light. It’s been weird with the Sun rising after 8 am for the last (almost) six months.

I’ve already started noticing the physical effects of the light. Not only because of the amount of time the Sun is up (13hrs 22 minutes today), but even after living here almost 8 months I’m still not used to the fast rate of change in daylight. The difference between light on Monday, and then the following Sunday is a whole 45 minutes! Sleep is getting to be more difficult. I guess this is better than winter when I only wanted to sleep, you know, because the Sun doesn’t rise until lunch time.

Of course, more Sun on us means that the temperatures are starting to warm up. There is still about a foot of snow on the ground at home, but every day it melts a little more since the high temperatures have been going above freezing for a week now.

Not only is it getting warmer, but we’re seeing signs that Spring is here!
Birch Buds

Kate noticed them first and then she sent me out to take some pictures. The birch trees in the yard all have buds on them! Spring is here! Fairbanks, Alaska: March 27th, 2011. It also snowed today.

I’m excited for the melt (especially the break-up on the rivers) and the entrance into summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some nice photos to share.


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