Spring happened?

The brutally long winter came to an end this week. Alaska presented us with the (standard) slap in the face season change. May 17th and 18th it snowed at our house (just two weeks ago).


At least most of the winter snowpack had already melted. It was really cold, too. The day-time highs were in the 20’s and low 30’s and the lows even dipped into the teens.

Finding Snow

Fast-forward: today it is 82° F and I am melting. I cut the dogs hair over the weekend so he wouldn’t die, so far it seems to be doing him well. I’ve been trying to teach him to swim, but the lake we go to still has quite a bit of ice on it. The water is too cold for me to get in for very long to coax him in with treats. It’s strange swim in an icy lake when the air temps are pushing into the 80’s.

Green-up happened mostly on Monday and Tuesday. It’s about freaking time . . .


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