Snowy Sunday

Today it is snowing. This is the second ‘significant’ snowfall we’ve had in a week. Most of the time it snows only one or two inches at a time here, but it has really built up since the snow-pack goes back to October. We had about 5 inches at our house earlier in the week; between today and tonight we are supposed to get a total of 4-7 inches. It looks like we might get even more tomorrow. The snow is very pretty.

Snowy DayThe back yard viewed from our most fantastic in the world window.

From the looks of it we might be through the bulk of the winter. The temperatures have come back up to near 0° F. It’s still possible that we could get a cold snap, but the probability of more 40 below days is diminishing. Night-time lows are more like -10. That being said, there is still a lot more winter left and I don’t look forward to the gross part when the temperatures are near-freezing.

The World Ice Art Championships are about to start up this week (it goes on until March 27th), and Kate and I are excited to get passes. I can’t wait to get out there with the camera.

SummerSince it was snowing today, we finally headed over to the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. I was surprised at how much they had there. Not just Fairbanks information, but huge, really cool exhibits. It’s definitely worth checking out when you get to the area, or if you’ve lived here for years. There’s what looks like a cool gift shop (but it was closed on Sunday). They have lots of displays and dioramas and you walk through the seasons of the Alaskan interior from summer to spring. There’s a lot of native artwork, tools, historical and current information, and everything is incredibly well done. Many of the exhibits are still in progress and I know they need money to finish. Think about donating.

ReadingThey have a really cool reading area here. Lots of good books too about the region, wildlife, and history.

LookingOne of the winter exhibits at the Fairbanks Visitors Bureau.


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