Smoke over Fairbanks

There’s a new wildfire burning . . .

Smoke into clouds
Smoke rises from the Dry Creek Fire southeast of Fairbanks. This shot was taken from the Alaska Dog Mushers Association on August 23, 2012. This fire was caused by a lightning strike on June 23, initially staying very small. The last update I have seen on this fire was from the 19th and it is currently over 14,000 acres. It’s located near the Eielson Air Force Base, but on the other side of the Tanana River so I don’t thing anything is being done to fight it, just monitoring. I first learned of the fire when I tried to go for a run on Saturday, but it had become too smokey in town and I couldn’t breathe very well. It hasn’t been too bad around town since then.

the smoke is blowing west

smoky sky


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