Saturday Walk

Birch leaves opening

Just now the birch leaves are starting to open in Fairbanks. Many of the willows and alders are still barren near us, only a few of the smaller ones are starting to bud and leaf. Green grasses and ground-cover are just starting to push through the brown carpet outside. Some rain sure would be nice to help everything green-up a bit more. It would also help control the coming wildfire season.

Turning green

Kate and I took Moose for a nice walk on Saturday and enjoyed the cool, refreshing air at Chena Lake after a busy few weeks. I’m back from my trip (which I will hopefully post about soon) and Kate finished all her finals and projects and is down to her last week of work before the summer.

Moose and Kate
Kate and Moose pause by the river for treats.

Dense birch
I love how much birch there is here. Whole forests of white bark.

Green on the Chena
Summer is coming, maybe.

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