Sunset on Denali

It’s a special few days when the Sun sets behind Denali when viewed from Fairbanks. It’s so pretty I’m sad that not everyone can see it. Kate and I drove up Ester Dome to watch it today, so I’m sharing some pictures. Click on any of them if you want to see the bigger versions in flickr.

It Begins
3:19 pm, 17 minutes before sunset. It’s hard to believe that the Sun is going to set behind the mountain, it moves almost horizontally here.

Setting In
3:36 pm: The last of the Sun fades into the eastern edge of Denali.

Denali Flame
3:39 pm, 3 minutes after sunset: the edges of the mountain light up like the flame of a candle.

Last Flicker
3:53 pm, 17 minutes after sunset: The ‘flame’ is slowly dying and there is some wicked superior miraging on Foraker (right of Denali).


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