Murphy Dome: Wildflowers and Wildfires

Kate and I went for a walk on Murphy Dome yesterday. The temps in Fairbanks hit the mid-high 70’s, but up in the hills it was a comfortable 64. The winds were calm which meant the mosquitoes were bad. We did find a few spots that were completely mosquito free, making them really nice places to sit and enjoy the place we were in.

Kate soaks up the landscape

Out in the open the bugs were scarce while the scenery was not.

The Hastings fire was still burning north of the Chatanika River. There were at least three plumes of smoke that we could see. Last I heard there were nearly 1000 firefighters working on it and it had burnt over 23,000 acres.

Hastings Fire Panorama

Click to see the large version. This is the northern panorama from Murphy Dome with some smoke still rising from the Hastings fire.

The wildflowers are really starting to bloom up here now. The other day I realized that our entire yard is filled with fireweed and now are really excited for that to bloom. Here are some more wildflower pictures from Murphy Dome.

Enjoying the Sun

I believe this is frigid arnica, Arnica frigida.

On Rocks and Moss
Arctic Sandwort, Minuartia arctica

More Flowers
I do not know what this is. It was the only one of its kind that we saw. Anyone?


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