Goose, Gooses, and More Gooses

Ohhhh boy, you’ll never guess what we saw today: Geese!


The first flocks of Canada Geese arrived in Fairbanks a couple of weeks ago. Today, Creamer’s Field (migratory water fowl refuge) was packed! We saw both Canada and Cackling geese, but to be honest I can’t really tell them apart (the cackling geese are smaller). The geese (and hopefully soon, Sandhill Cranes) are just stopping here on their way up to the tundra where they breed.


This is a big deal here since it means that the winter is really on it’s way out, and that’s a good thing. The winter was long, cold, and dark and personally I’m ready to be warm and see some color again.


The thing that really made today really special was that, in classic Alaskan style, the geese did not come in moderation!

That's A Lot Of Geese


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