Campus Walk

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Needing to take a break from grading, Jason and I took off to walk around campus yesterday and took some pictures. The first thing we stumbled upon was the ground-breaking ceremony for the new life-sciences building.

Dressed For Work

Dressed for digging.

From there we headed off to the UAF trails; in the general direction of Smith Lake. When we started there were cool breaks in the clouds that made shooting fun, but the clouds kept building until there wasn’t any contrast in the sky anymore. All the lakes are still very frozen, despite the fact that it’s been warming up a bit. We still have at least half a month before the rivers and lakes start to break up, maybe longer.

Ski Hut

The ski hut at one of the many trailheads.

Receiving Dish

Large receiving dish just a little ways off the campus roads back on the trails.

Takin' Pictures in Freakin' Alaska

Jason taking shots at Smith Lake. The clouds are really getting dark.

Keep Out

One last shot for the road.

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