A summer-like walk in the backyard

It started out innocent enough, just stroll through the trails behind the house. Sure, there were a few bugs, it was 82&deg F and there was a lot of mushy ground and some water on the trail. As I got further from the house all the mosquitoes in the area had locked in on my location and were incoming fast. The mosquitoes here are far worse than anywhere else I have ever been (pawtuckaway in the summer included). Not long after I was swimming in bugs the marsh became to deep for me to comfortably pass in chacos and jeans, and I was not about to expose any more skin to the bugs. On the bright side, I finally got a nice picture of a snowshoe hare:

Snowshoe Hare

I saw him while exploring the wet, mosquito infested trails behind our house. They usually don’t let me get this close, but he seemed intent to eat in his little patch of grass. The only white left on him was around the ear rims and hind legs and feet.

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