Melting, Pause, Melt Again

The last couple of weeks have been good. The days have been warm in comparison to recent months. We’ve even had temperatures reaching the 40’s on the warmest days. Last week, for the first time in a while I saw water on the ground, puddling, making a muddy mess. What a glorious muddy mess! Almost simultaneous to the mud was this water running on top of the ice:

Water on Ice

Water flows just off the Steese Highway northeast of Fairbanks.

Snow Dome Melting

What’s left of the snowdome outside the office. Water, liquid water and reflecting blue skies!

Thankfully the blizzards last week all went south of us:
Glad That Blizzard Missed Us

April 8th we watched enormous blizzards go by to the south of us. Closer to the Alaska range, places were getting 100+ mile per hour winds and snow dumped by the foot. We were safe in Fairbanks. About 1 inch of snow in the morning. It ended up being a beautiful day for us.

Blue skies have made for warm days and cold nights. It looks like mid-week temperatures are going to be less than freezing for hi’s and back into single digits for lows. It will definitely put a damper on the melting, but I’m still hoping that by next week it will mostly be gone. Ready for color!


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