Lazy, Snowy Saturday

It’s been a long week, so now I’m just sitting around listening to music in our little cabin.


I only get to see our home in the light of day on the weekends. The days are still getting shorter by about 6 minutes every day, but the rate of change is starting to slow as we approach solstice. The dark doesn’t really bother me at all, but it is difficult to wake up in the morning. I think my body thinks it is supposed to hibernate now. To combat this effect I started working out and climbing again and I think that is helping. Metabolism decreases when faced with darkness like this so it’s really important to stay active. Kate and I are going skiing tomorrow. We also want to buy a sled, there are many good sledding hills at UAF.

Oh, it’s snowing again. There is no wind in Fairbanks so the snow just sits on all the branches when it falls and the trees hold as much as they physically can. Then the ice fog comes in and seals it in, so it’s not going anywhere.


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