It’s still winter, but we may not know it

This winter has been strange. In November we had record breaking cold. The thermometer hit -40&#0176 multiple times and the cold was relentless. Then came December . . . the temperatures turned to near freezing, it even rained once. It was really comfortable outside. We just had the fifth coldest January on record, even dropping below -50&#0176 F for a couple of days. Toward the end of the month it was rare to see temperatures above 35 below. Now February is here and it has been near freezing again. I’m more than comfortable to wander around outside in a t-shirt and this is just silly. The whole week forecast looks like this. I think that if we enter into March and the temperatures plummet I must quit science and become an astrologer/numerologist.

I just hope the snow doesn’t start melting. I just got new skis and am eager to use them, often. Sunday I went out to Moose Mountain. The snow was phenomenal, the temperatures were in the teens and it was a lot of fun. Moose Mountain is a pretty cool experience too, no chairlifts. Instead you take a bus to the top of the mountain. Since it was Superbowl Sunday, I felt like I had the whole place to myself!

Moose Mountain afternoon
Moose Mountain in the afternoon light after the last bus run, 4pm.

Purchase Prints or License | It’s hard to see much of the mountain from the lodge. The view from Ester Dome is better. Those are the White Mountains in the background.

Speaking of afternoon light, the last few days have been amazing with clear skies!

In the afternoon light
Purchase Prints or License | The Tanana Valley and the Alaska Range from UAF, looking over the airport. The sky was pretty cool, but I thought the light on the trees was spectacular!

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The weather has been equally as unusual in Cleveland. Although we haven’t reached any record lows, the weather has been switching back and forth between the 20s and 40s what seems like every other week. We get 6 inches of snow and then the next day it’s melted. I went skiing in New York this past weekend and for the first time ever the only place I saw snow was on the slopes. It was weird. And definitely not the greatest skiing conditions. I hope you have better luck.

That doesn’t sound like a nice winter. Just wet and gross. I grew up in Cincinnati and that sounds more like the winter weather down there, definitely not up by the lake. We were in New Hampshire over Christmas and there was no snow there then either. When we got in it was fifty degrees! At least they make enough snow in the northeast that you can kind of escape for some downhill. Not good for people who like snowsports!

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