Happy November

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Work and school have been busier than ever. I hope that in a couple weeks it will start to slack off a bit, since I’ll be mostly done with one of my classes for the semester. Besides work, not much has been happening, so you’re not missing anything by my lack of posts. Here is the biggest update in picture form:

November 1 Drive to Work

Over the month of October, Fairbanks has become cold and dark. I took this today when Kate was driving me to work at 8 am. We have had some snow for about three weeks, but desperately need some more for skiing. I got cross country skis last week.

We had some fantastic, albeit brief, aurora last night. A little before midnight I stepped outside and was treated to this view of the sky just on the porch of our cabin:

The whole sky

Aurora borealis


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