Happy first day of autumn!

I woke up at about 20 minutes to six this morning. I walked outside and the sky was already turning pink, so I grabbed the camera and tripod and took a few shots.

early morning

Pink and blue sky

After a while I went back inside. Around 6:30 I stepped out again and this time had to yell for Kate to wake up and come watch the sunrise. It turned out to be pretty spectacular.

watching the sunrise

Here’s a quick time-lapse of what we were watching from the deck:

The contrast in color was pretty remarkable for about an hour:
orange yellow pink and blue

Hopefully there will be many more mornings like this one, happy fall!

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I love the sunrise photos! I lived in Fairbanks a few years and love living vicariously through your photos. Those hour long sunrises/sunsets are something I miss a lot. They last about five minutes here, not usually enough to rush for the camera and nothing as vibrant as the Fairbanks ones.


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