Finally A Break

Fireweed About To Bloom - HDR

The fireweed is starting to bloom in the backyard.

When I posted a picture on flickr a couple of weeks ago my friend Jason said, “Finally new stuff. I thought you got eaten or something.” It was just a result of the non-stop work Kate and I had to do for science camp. I can’t believe how tough a job that was. Kids wearing me down all day long. Then I have to spend half the night getting ready for the next day or out camping with the kids trying to wear them down so that we can get some sleep during the sunny night. It’s kind of hard to sleep in a tent during the midnight Sun, but it’s even harder with 20-30 kids.

I said to Kate last night, “you know, it’s the last night of the weekend, but you know what . . . It doesn’t matter.”

That’s right, we have no more science camp next week. In fact, we have almost nothing to do next week at all! I look forward to relaxing and taking more pictures of the Alaska greenery.

Oh yeah, we have a big spider living in our front door.

The Better of Two Evils

Our new friend wrapping up mosquitoes in the front door.

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