Cold Snap

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Tuesday’s forecast looks grim. I’m pretty sure it’s just a reality check to let us know that it is in fact winter in the interior of Alaska. Recently our lows have been around 10 [deg] F at night while the highs reach up into the 20’s.

That’s about 10 [deg] F above average. It has actually felt pretty comfortable outside.

The forecast for Tuesday has been dropping for a week now. Currently, there is a predicted high of 5-15 below zero, and a low of 25-35 below. That’s a pretty cold mid-November morning.

It’s not going to stay. It warms back up by Thursday to temperatures a little closer to (yet still above) average.

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It snowed most of the weekend, but the clouds are supposed to clear out tonight. NOAA and spaceweather are forecasting a 50% chance of geomagnetic storms as a series of small coronal mass ejections hit the Earth’s magnetic field. The question is, can I withstand the sub-zero temperatures to got out and photograph the aurora?

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