Bright Nights

Bright Night
Bright moon at night in Fairbanks, Alaska. A slight moondog comes into view in the upper right.

It seems like all we see lately is the moon. We recently passed the winter solstice and are moving on toward brighter days, yet it still remains dark most of the time. Today the Sun was up for 4 hours and 38 minutes, although it was actually less since the Alaska Range sits to the south and blocks it for the first and last few minutes of the day. Yet, the moon has been incredible!

I took this picture a few nights ago. The trees in the foreground were lit by our halogen security lamp and the sky took on a crazy purple color that had a strong gradient near the horizon (most likely light pollution from Fairbanks). If I hadn’t moved up here I’m not sure that I would have known that moon dogs exist, but there’s one in the upper right. The highlights in the moon and on a few of the tree edges were blown out a bit, but I think it helps make a really cool contrast with the sky.


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