Autumn light in the interior

One day you wake up and realize it’s already a few days into November. What happened? It’s really sad because there’s not a lot to do outside right now. There’s not enough snow for skiing, there’s just enough snow in the mountains to cover cracks and holes, but not enough to support your body weight over them, and it’s getting colder. We also had a really warm October and now the cold feels too cold. The temperatures haven’t even fallen below zero fahrenheit yet. The one redeeming quality of this season is the light. As cold as it is, we are frequently bathed in some of the warmest light ever. The sunrise yesterday was pink and orange for over an hour.


The Sun is only up for about seven-and-a-half hours now and when it’s “high” in the sky (less than 10° above the horizon at noon) the forest sparkles.

(Yesterday was pretty, here’s the gallery).

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