A Really Awesome Saturday in Fairbanks

We had Thai House for lunch, which is awesome. We went home and had reindeer dogs for dinner; the good ones that we got from the farmer’s market last fall.

We also went to the GCI Open North American Championship sled dog race that takes place in downtown Fairbanks. Second Ave is shut down since that is where the mushers and their dogs start and stop. Yesterday (Friday) and today are just 20 mile races, Sunday is the 30 mile race. Kate and I watched the first few teams come in downtown, and then walked down to the Chena River to see some of the later teams come in from there.

One More Block for Number 4

Musher Jason Dunlap of Salcha, AK almost at the finish line at the GCI Open North American Championship.

I took a lot of photos today, but I am only posting a few of my favorites here. If you haven’t already seen them, you should check out my photostream starting here: March 19, 2011

It was a fun day of taking pictures. I saw a lot of non-dog related things like these:

A View to Watch the Race

Window watching

Okey Dokey

As we got further down the road, we got to see better views of the mushers. The dogs (and mushers) looked tired after 70 minutes of sprinting.

Final Stretch for Number 6

Musher Carolyn Johnson from Fergus Falls, MN sprinting to the finish of the GCI Open North American Championship in Fairbanks, Alaska.

A while after the race we walked around near the Chena and into Pioneer Park. The power plant in downtown Fairbanks keeps the water warm here and it stays mostly open year round. Kate spotted a beaver on the ice and we had to run down to a bridge to watch him swim under us.

Beaver in the Chena

Beaver swims under the walking bridge.

Walking in Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

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