A great day and night

Fairbanks has been having absolutely perfect weather the last few days: 65 and sunny. On Sunday a few clouds scattered the sky, it was totally gorgeous and the air felt awesome.

Kate and I went for a walk in Creamer’s Field. The cranes are still flying around practicing their oh-so-awkward landings. Also, there is a dead moose carcass there, although now it is mostly bones.
Cranes Landing

Three sandhill cranes land awkwardly at Creamer’s Field. For such pretty birds they lack a little grace on the landings.

Moose Remains

Moose carcass; not decayed enough to not stink yet.

When night finally came (it actually is getting dark again) the sky became perfectly clear and you’ll never guess what happened next –


We saw the aurora again! It was a stupidly ridiculous display too. Imagine, I had to sit outside on a beautifully clear night watching and taking pictures of this for an hour:

The Aurora Has Returned


Twisty Blob

Heavenly Aurora

Of course there’s more:

Bright Lights Green Ribbon in the Sky Shields are up Eerie Loop Aurora

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