Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Fairbanks!

Today is October 11th!  The temperature forecast for Dover, NH is 62 [deg F];  Stillwater, MN will be 76;  Cincinnati, OH will be about 86.  Here in Fairbanks it will be 31 and guess what!  It snowed!


I had to go for a little walk around campus to take some pictures and enjoy the air. Here are some whale bones on palettes.


In the lower 48, when you walk around and stumble upon a bunch of whale bones on palettes, you say, “what the . . .”, but here in Alaska you say, “Hey, I found some whale bones. . . and they’re on palettes”. Also, we noticed that all the stores have Christmas stuff out already?!

The driving is pretty tough though. They throw some gravel down on the road, but that’s it. We are going to need to get some studded tires, because I don’t think snow tires will do much on this ice.

I walked out on some of the UAF trails. There are tons of lighted ski and snowshoe trails and a little ski hut with a wood stove. Can’t wait!

Not the ski hut. Old Russian trading post near the museum.

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