December sky and snow – 2014

Early last week I took a photo-walk downtown, shortly after we finally had our first significant snowfall. There has been some snow on the ground since early October, but things were beginning to look a bit brown and gray – not really what I want to see as we enter the darkest days of the year. I mean, we have two more weeks of losing light and the Sun is already rising at 10:40 am and setting at 2:45 pm. Snow definitely brightens the world up a bit. About 7 inches fell on Monday and Tuesday and since there was no wind it really stuck to the trees.

Later in the week the moon became full, really lighting up the night. Snow and a bright moon make for really cool forest scenery – so I spent a few nights wandering in the woods. We even had a bit of aurora once the clouds cleared. All of it made it tough for me to choose a photo-of-the-week so I thought I’d share a few more photos.

Oh, thanks for the snow!

The taiga draped in snow.

The aurora was having a tough time showing through the clouds against the bright moon light, but it came out for a while.

Cranking my neck back on our front porch to watch the northern lights through the snowy trees.

I love these forests in winter. Love!

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