Pretty night under the full moon, but where is the aurora?

Little things under a full moon
Birch trees in the front yard under the full moonlight.

The other night the moon was full and it made for a pretty bright night. However, this has been the longest stretch I’ve gone in Alaska without seeing good aurora (not counting the summer). I just wandered around the driveway taking some pictures in the moonlight. I watched a light band of aurora slowly lift over the trees, fade in, fade out, drop down, disappear, reappear, blah. It never seemed to do much. The all-sky camera at the Poker Flats rocket range was showing pretty much the same thing (further north and east from us), so I packed up and went to sleep around midnight. Maybe we’ll get a show over the weekend so I can stay out later in this ridiculously warm weather. Hope . . .

A little aurora behind the trees
A diffuse band of aurora creeps south and becomes visible behind the spruce trees. This is actually the best I’ve seen in about a month.


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