First aurora shots of the season

1st aurora shots of the season

It feels like I’ve been waiting for so long! The sky was almost completely overcast last night, but at midnight Kate was called to babysit. The dog started crying when she left so I went downstairs so he knew I was still here and he went back to sleep. I walked outside and was looking up at some breaks in the clouds; I had to squint for a while because I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. After a few minutes I decided that it was (probably) aurora so I grabbed my camera and set up the tripod. Suddenly the little wisps of barely visible aurora brightened as the sky filled in green. The show was pretty short of spectacular. You can tell because the stars are so bright behind it. When we have good shows stars are hardly visible. Within ten minutes the sky was completely filled in with clouds and twenty minutes later it began to pour. I’m so happy the season is here. That reminds me that the foliage is about to change, it may be time to head down to Denali again.

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