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I woke up early to photograph a cool planetary alignment of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter with a quarter moon. I lucked out because the aurora was still going strong at 4:30 am! We were also fortunate enough to have clear skies, something that was not too common last autumn.

Aurora borealis and the moon over a silhouetted forest
I had to wait about an hour for the planets to rise high enough above the horizon.
Venus rises above the trees (lower left) | Purchase Print

Twilight started to take over the sky, but not before we got an awesome view of 3 planets and our moon!

Alignment of the moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter
Alignment (Buy A Print!)
Alignment of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Moon with Aurora Borealis

The following evening we were greeted by the northern lights once again. It was a short-lived, but still an awesome display!

Aurora borealis over boreal forest

Colorful Curtains

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