ADMA Panorama

ADMA and Alaska Range Click for the full size image.

This panorama is made from 68 images taken from the Alaska Dog Musher’s Association. The quality has been significantly reduced to fit on flickr. The original image is a 2 GB tiff or a 168 MB jpeg. Zoom way in and the Alaska Range is still very visible. I had been hoping that the light was soft enough, and the haze thin enough that I could get the mountains to pop a lot more. I probably should have waited about another hour before taking this so the Sun would have been lower on the horizon. But, it is the first successful stitching together of so many images so I thought I would post it. I can’t wait to try this in the mountains. At 31388 x 3500px it would make a fine large print.

I’ll be working hard to perfect this.

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