A Day of Firsts

Today I voted for the first time in the state of Alaska. Also, today our brand new car broke something fierce. Today was my first witnessed continuous sunrise/sunset.

While Kate was driving me to school something blew in the (front?) of the car. It now squeals and occasionally makes a horrible grinding sound. Luckily we have AAA so it was towed to the dealership for free. Unluckily they did not let us know anything about the car tonight. Kate called, but they had already gone home. Now we are without vehicle. We can take the bus, but this is a lot of time and money that we can’t deal with right now. Really that’s the worst of it. The short days aren’t affecting me yet despite the fact that they are already 1.5 hours shorter than the shortest day I have ever experienced in Minnesota. Every day until the 21st of December will be the shortest day of my life. Kind of cool.

The really neat thing is that in the daytime now, the colors are of a Western US sunset for the whole day. Just give me some vitamin D and a little artificial light and I’ll stare at this for as long as I can stand the cold.

our street - and alaska range -cropped
The view from our street during an extended sunset looking toward the Alaska Range

The sky starts turning orange and red at about 8:30 in the morning and stays varying shades of those colors until about 6:30 or 7pm. I’ve seen crazy looking sunsets in Wyoming during wildfire seasons that don’t match the entire day here. Alaska is pretty awesome. I guess people don’t live here because it’s winter more often then not, it’s thousands of miles from anything, and gets to be really dark and really cold. I can not emphasize enough how far away it is.


This is roughly the drive we made from NH to Fairbanks in google maps. It was a little over 4500 miles.You can read about the long haul in archived posts. The drive is something everyone should make at some point (although I already shudder thinking of tourists).

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Dear Lee and Kate – we are so sorry about your car – but trust that it will be covered by your warranty! Hopefully will not be too bad dealing with buses today….these sunsets are beautiful makes the short days so much easier to take i would think.
We love you and sending positive thoughts re the car!
Love Dave and Sandi

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