Alaska Photo-Geocache

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Explore Alaska - Alaska Photo-geocache

The Alaska Photo-Geocache is meant to be a fun, photo-sharing page about exploring Alaska. It’s kind of like geocaching, but with your photos instead. The idea is:

1. I post a photo with some, but not a lot of information, including the GPS coordinates of that photo.

2. You use these pages to find cool places you would like to visit, find them, and take a photo from the same GPS coordinates.

3. Then you can upload and share your photos with others on the page!

You can later comment on the photo with your name, date the photo was taken, any other info you want to include, or your website (as long as it is appropriate), and I’ll place the info in the title/description (it might take me a few days to get to it).

The terms of use are simple – Keep it clean, keep it relevant, keep it friendly, don’t abuse uploads (just one or two per location please). Please contribute if you can afford it so I can afford hosting and other website fees! I’ll remove any content that is irrelevant or inappropriate. If it gets abused I may have to password protect these pages to only allow paid subscribers, or scrap the project entirely.

Please subscribe to my Ko-Fi page above if you would like to participate. You can set the amount for a monthly subscription. I’ll post new locations there frequently for subscribers. I’m not going to be super strict about this, but your subscriptions and contributions greatly help me keep these websites going. Thank You!

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