• The view from the ridge just south of Wickersham Dome. Rain can be seen falling in the valley over the winding Elliott Highway far below while the hillside is showing signs of green-up. Bright sunlight filters in through the dark clouds, illuminating some of the surrounding landscape.

    Some photos from home and from Wickersham Dome

    Yesterday was a fantastic day of hiking and photography in Alaska. I updated a wildflower guide, captured a black-capped chickadee collecting nest material, and hiked Wickersham Dome, unexpectedly meeting an old friend.

  • Small Things, Spring Things, and Broken Things

    Small Things, Spring Things, and Broken Things

    Appreciating small things through macro photography with lots of images from spring in Fairbanks, Alaska, and some comparison from DSLR and smartphone photos.

  • Spring Bouldering and Other Climbing Stuff

    Last weekend, I enjoyed some quality time climbing and bouldering with friends at Tr’at’egheth No’ (Lower Tanana for ‘From Cottonwood Creek,’ commonly known as the Savage River) in Denali National Park and the Tatlanika Boulders near Healy. While I’ve hiked extensively in this part of Denali, this was my first time bouldering there. The schist…