• white flowers and large calyx tubes of the bladder campion (silene latifolia)

    Bladder campion – Silene latifolia (invasive)

    Silene latifolia, or Bladder Campion – a white-flowering herbaceous plant native to Europe and now widespread in North America. More about identifiaction, distribution and habitat, and scientific classification.

  • The yellow-petaled flowers of the snow buttercup (Ranunculus nivalis) in Denali National Park in Alaska.

    Snow Buttercup – Ranunculus nivalis

    Ranunculus nivalis, known as the Snow Buttercup, flourishes in cold, alpine regions from Canada to Siberia. Its vibrant yellow petals brighten scree slopes and snowbed edges.

  • Drummond’s mountain avens – Dryas drummondii

    Drummond’s mountain avens – Dryas drummondii

    Drummond’s Mountain Avens, or Dryas drummondii, is a small yellow-flowering shrub and herb that grows from a wooden base. It is a pioneer species often found in areas recently exposed from glacial retreat, playing a crucial role in early ecological succession. The plant is primarily distributed throughout northern North America, including Alaska and the Pacific…